About this blog

My name is David Moxon and I am a Customer Support Engineer with Articulate. Daveperso is a pseudo I use on the Articulate forums. I have named this blog after it.

This is a little space which is essentially focussed on using Articulate products, Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker and Engage.


Meditating about the next blog article


This blog was previously known as Daveperso’s Hackers’ Blog. There is a positive and negative connotation about the word “hacker”. This blog is focussed on the positive, looking at how we can make things work which are not necessarily provided “out of the box”. In a way, they could sometimes be precursors for ideas that make their way to the production line, sooner or later. However, after having had my site literally hacked (!), I have decided to stop using that name as the title of the blog and gone back to something more classic!


Basic Help

This blog is not just out to do things which are somewhat out of the ordinary. I am hoping that some of the articles will provide extra support for doing basic, everyday tasks with Articulate software, perhaps giving a fresh angle on a common theme.



To get around in this blog, you can either click on one of the article boxes on the main page or you can click on the tabs at the top corresponding to each product, and you see images summarizing or giving the title of the content of the article. You can also do a search for one word like “video” and you’ll get the corresponding articles appear. Thanks to Derek Punsalan for the template.


Warning !


The blog is intended as reference only and the software hacks in it are provided as-is and are not officially supported by Articulate. If you want support then please visit Articulate Support for official help with your Articulate products.


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