Reading Articulate Presenter 5 CDs With Flash 10


Summary: You can read legacy Presenter 5 CDs with Flash 10 by using the Flash Switcher Add-on in Firefox 3
Difficulty: Easy



Adobe recently released an update to their Flash Player which caused problems for some Articulate Presenter courses. Articulate have released the Flash 10 Updater tool to make all previously published Articulate Presenter 5 content readable with Flash 10 but the tool can only work on editable files such as on a local computer or on a server via FTP. Updating a CD Rom is more difficult since those files cannot be changed. Here is one way to easily make your CD Rom readable.

The procedure is straightforward:

1) Install Firefox 3 (an alternative browser to Internet Explorer)
2) Install a plugin/application called Flash Switcher
3) Change your Flash version in Firefox to read your CD.

1) Install Firefox 3.

If you already have Firefox 3 installed on your system, move straight onto step 2: Install Flash Switcher. If you have Firefox 2 or earlier, you will need to upgrade to Firefox 3.


At least 15% of the world’s Internet users (and more than 30% in Europe) use Firefox as their default browser. One of the advantages of Firefox is that it allows you to add little applications known as Add-ons to let you do extra things.


  • To install Firefox 3 (or upgrade from an earlier version), go to and download the installer. You’ll probably find that will automatically detect your language and operating system for you and you’ll just be able to click on the “Free Download” button.


  • You’ll then be taken to the download page where a download dialog box automatically appears and the Firefox installation is explained in four simple steps:



  • Start the process by clicking Run (or Save)
  • Give permission to launch the setup wizard by clicking Continue after the file has downloaded.
  • Follow the steps shown in the setup wizard.
  • Look for the Firefox icon on your desktop to use the Firefox browser.

2) Install Flash Switcher

  • Double-click on the Firefox icon on your desktop. You may be prompted to make the browser your default browser or import your bookmarks from Internet Explorer. You can refuse both if you like. The browser will open with a welcome page.
  • Copy and paste this link below into the Firefox browser address bar and press Enter on your keyboard. It will take you to the Flash Switch Add-on web site:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Install Now.
  • When you click on the button, you will get a Firefox warning at the top of the page. Click Allow at the top right.

  • A Software Installation dialog box will appear. Click on Install Now.

  • The Add-On will download in the Add-on window.

  • When it is fully downloaded, you will be prompted to Restart Firefox. Click on the Restart Firefox button.

Firefox will close and then reopen.

That’s it, the Flash Switch Add-on is installed and ready to use.

3) Change your Flash version to read your Articulate CD.

If you are reading this article in the first place and installing the Flash Switcher Add-on in Firefox, it is probably because you are already running in Flash 10 either in Internet Explorer or in Firefox itself and are unable to read an Articulate CD that you have.

The Flash Switcher will allow you to switch backwards and forwards between different versions of Flash in a few seconds. Because your Articulate CD is not compatible with Flash 10, you can change your Flash version to Flash 9 while you read your CD.

  • Click on the Flash Switcher f icon and notice the different versions of Flash listed.

  • If you don’t see Flash 10 version listed, go to the Adobe website and install the latest version of Flash which at the time of writing is Flash 10. You can download the latest version for Firefox here:

    You might need to close Firefox to run through the Flash 10 installation.

  • Once Flash 10 is installed, click on the f icon and notice the different versions of Flash including Flash 10 at the top (assuming that you running Flash 10 at the moment in Firefox).
  • Click on Shockware Flash 10 and then select Save.

  • Accept the default folder name.
  • Now click on Flash 9 (it might have a longer name like Flash 9.0 r124)

  • Your browser will momentarily close and then reopen with a Javascript application message saying Successfully Installed.
  • You are now running Flash 9 in your browser.
  • Launch the Articulate presentation in your CD Rom either by inserting the CD into your CD drive or by launching the presentation manually.
  • Your presentation should play normally.
  • When you have finished viewing the CD, you can revert back to Flash 10 by clicking on the Flash Switcher icon again at the bottom right and selecting Flash 10.

Now that you have installed the Flash Switcher in Firefox, you can just click on the Flash Switcher icon at the bottom right of the screen every time you want to view a legacy Articulate CD. In literally a couple of seconds, your browser will be ready to use.

Finally a thank you to Alessandro Crugnola for creating such a useful Firefox Add-on.


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