How To Upload Presentations With Manually Modified Content To An LMS or Articulate Online


When you edit Articulate presentations AFTER they have been published, it often involves manually placing files in the Articulate published file folder. This can be the case with Embedding Engage into Engage (although, as I pointed out in the post about this, this should not be necessary – see below), inserting some Camtasia and Captivate movies, or when linking to an FLV video from a SWF Flash file. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, and it can give some great results, but what if you want to upload your presentation to an LMS or to Articulate Online? How can we get those manually inserted files onto those systems, since we place those extra files AFTER we publish in Articulate Presenter or Quizmaker.

Publishing to LMS and Articulate Online

If you are going to publish to either an LMS or to Articulate Online, and you have edited the published files AFTER you published in Articulate Presenter, then you won’t be able to rely on the automatic publish options available. You are going to have to upload your file manually. Publishing manually means publishing to LMS in Articulate Presenter (even if you want your presentation to go to Articulate Online) and then editing the created zip file (or art5 file in the case of Articulate Online).

When you publish to LMS in Articulate Presenter, choose the type of LMS you want to upload to: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC or AO (Articulate Online):

LMS options in Presenter

If the AO option is not appearing when publishing to LMS in Articulate Presenter, you need to check “Enable publish for manual uploading to Articulate Online) in Articulate -> Library and Options -> Other.

Then navigate to the zip file or the art5 file. If you are wanting to upload to Articulate Online, then you will have created an art5 tag file like mypresentation.art5. To edit that art5 file, change the tag to zip, so that your file becomes


Now, double-click the zip file to view the contents (no need to unzip), and continue opening folders until you navigate to the folder where you want to edit the published files. In the example below, I want to insert an FLV file to the player folder so that it will run when I launch the SWF shell in my published Articulate Presenter course. So I simply copy the FLV from where I had prepared and saved it previously, and drop it into the player folder. Dropping the FLV file into a zipped folder, will automatically zip the FLV file too. Navigate back up and you have your edited published files ready for upload.


If you are going to upload to upload to LMS, you are done and you upload the normal way, probably via the LMS directly. If you are to upload to Articulate Online, then change the zip tag back to art5, and you too are ready for the manual upload.

Log on to your Articulate Online account, select the Content tab and then choose Manual Upload.

Manual Upload in AO

Upload your art5 file and then view your FLV playing perfectly from your Articulate Online account.

Engage within Engage

So long as you have access to your Presenter project files, you should not need to edit the published files of a presentation in which you have embedded Engage within Engage, and so there is no need to do anything other than publish automatically and directly from Articulate Presenter.

The Articulate Presenter folders are located in the same directory and the same level as your PowerPoint file, and it will have the same name. When you open that folder, you will see an engage_257 folder (the name can change, particularly if you have more than one Engage interaction in your presentation). Your embedded “Element” interaction needs to go inside this folder.

Presenter project files showing Engage project files within


The best way to create an embedded Engage within Engage, is to insert the embedded Engage into the container Engage in the PROJECT FILES of Articulate Presenter, and not the published files. Edit the Engage interactions in the PROJECT FILES, and you will see that Articulate Presenter will conserve your Engage within Engage interaction in your published files. So you can actually publish direct to Articulate Online or to LMS by FTP from within Articulate Presenter if you like.

If, on the other hand, you edit and create your Engage within Engage in the published files, then you will need to manually upload as described above. But why bother? Edit the project files and not only will you not have to worry about unzipping and zipping up again, it will also prevent you from editing the published files EVERY TIME you publish.


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