Changing The Size Of A Video In The Media Tour Interaction in Engage

Summary: If you edit the data.xml file for Engage, you can specify the size of a Media Tour interaction video or image.

Difficulty: Easy


While you can pretty much change all the published sizes of embedded videos in the Engage interactions, there is one interaction which defies all video size customization and that is the Media Tour Interaction. If you insert a SWF video or FLV video into the Media Tour Interaction, it will display at its original size or reduce it to fit, if it is too large.

Large video, small file size ?

Sometimes, you may want your video to be as small in size as possible for bandwidth reasons. If you want to publish your video so it fits the Engage Media Tour screen then you need to have your original video also at a large size, say at 640 x 480 pixels. to fit the Media Tour interaction window size. Inevitably, that means your video will be larger in file size too and so may cause downloading problems.

So what if you could use your original small file size video and have it play larger? The quality may not be quite as good but at least your video runs smoothly.

Here is a video published encoded in Flash FLV at its original size (320 x 136) and then embedded into Engage. It has been converted from mov to FLV.


It looks ok but it doesn’t fill the screen and I’d like it to.

Here is exactly the same video file but this time it has been made to fill the screen out:


The quality is acceptable and the video is easier to view.

How do you do it?

Since this cannot be done within Engage itself, you need to edit the data.xml file which comes in the published files of your Engage Media Tour interaction. Locate the data.xml file which is in the engage_content folder of your published files and open it in Wordpad or a similar text editor. You’ll see something like this:

Engage Media Interaction code

Notice the references at the end (highlighted in the red box) to the size of the video. Simply change these figures to the size you want (for example, an image width of 640 and an image height of 360) and then save the file.

Without republishing in Engage (as this will cause the size figures to revert back to the original size), double-click on the engage.html file to launch the interaction and you will see your video is playing at the new size. You can even upload your interaction via the inbuilt FTP service of Engage providing you edit the data.xml file just before sending the file by FTP but after you have published.


7 thoughts on “Changing The Size Of A Video In The Media Tour Interaction in Engage

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  1. I just read your post about resizing video. Although I’ve located the data.xml file, when I open it I cannot perform any edits. It opens in a browser window which could be the root cause of my problem but I don’t know how to change that. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Cyndi, you don’t want to open the xml file in your browser. Right-click the file in Windows and choose to open with Notepad or Wordpad and make your edits in there. Once you are done, save the file and close Notepad or Wordpad.

  3. Hi Dave,

    I noticed you don’t have a section for resizing images in Engage. There are different size limits for different mechanisms in Engage– is there a way to make the images larger, so they fill up the entire page?


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