Most Popular Demos!

I have set up a number of demos either via the forums or through some blog articles on Gabe Anderson’s Word of Mouth blog and most of them are stored on Articulate Online which allows me to see which are the most and least popular. So I thought you might be interested to see the top ten of all time, as of 14th March 2008.

Here they are !

Top Ten Demos



This has been a very popular demo and has only been out a short time. It relates to this 101 article I wrote about hyperlinks.

2 Slide Only Options Standard

The first demo of an article about how to remove the controls completely or change the controls in the Full Slide view in Articulate Presenter. This demo is not very interesting at all but it was the first of three so got the most hits ! However, it shows how the article got some interest. The other two come in postion 4 and 5.

3 Captivate in Presenter and Engage

The ability to house Captivate content in Presenter and Articulate software remains popular.

4 Slide Only Options Floating

The second demo of this article which shows how to change the controls in the Full Slide view.

5 Slide Only Options No Controls

The third and most interesting of the demos. There are no controls at all in this demo other than the hyperlinks.

6 Engage to Articulate

This shows how you can use the SDK to point different Engage steps to different Presenter slides.

7 Multiple Embedded SWFs.

We often want to add more than one SWF to a slide and this demo shows that it can be done.

8 The Solar System

A quiz devised by Dave Mozealous incorporating all the quiz type questions into one quiz with audio commentary by myself and comes from the 101 article Getting Started with Quizmaker .

9 Incorporating Camtasia into Presenter

Another demo showing how to incorporate a third-party application into Articulate software. Expect another article soon going into more detail about how to do this.

10 Engage and Presenter consistency.

Part of the 101 series, this demo relates to this article written last month about how to make your Engage interactions fit in better with your PowerPoint slides.

That’s it for this month. We’ll see how interest develops next month! If you’re interested in seeing the other demos (over 60 publicly available), just drop me a line and I’ll add you to my user list. You’ll have access to the portal. Not all of them are worth writing home about but some may give you some ideas.


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  1. The demo for Captivate in Presenter and Engage is great, but doesn’t help you learn how to actually execute it… Is there info on this site that does?

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